Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 2-- It feels good to be getting back into it

I'm a day late in this post--DSL down on Maine island (don't ask).
Good news! I've written five out of seven days--all in my journal, but I wasn't
writing at all before I started this project. In addition, as part of the Women's National Book Association Great Group Reads project, my assignment is to read 22 books from
April to August. (I have five to go.) After I read each book, I write a brief assessment of it on our private blog. This isn't a book review--just an indication of the book's suitability for book group discussions. However, since I do write book reviews from time to time, it's a good way for me get a head start on any book I may decide to review.
The ISSUE is still on my mind, but I'm trying to compartmentalize. As you know, this isn't easy, but even writing about one's life issues is writing and gets the juices flowing.
So now it's committment time.
Between now and next week, I'll write five out of seven days in my journal AND work three days on my short story. This is a bit scary, but there iit is, written for all to see.
Feedback please.

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