Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Good News and A Legitimate Cause for A Break

The Good News: I finished up the short story I was working on and submitted it to a contest. That makes me feel like I'm keeping myself in the program. Also been keeping up with my journal, not every day but regularly. I also have been allowing myself some think time in terms of planning and have come up with a few new ideas. So even though sometimes I feel a bit shaky about where I am in my writing career, I like to remind myself that there's life in the old girl yet.
Now for the Legitimate Cause for a Break. I will be away for two weeks for a combination family function and vacation, and I will not be taking my computer with me. I will see the sights in Wyoming and enjoy seeing family and friends. I'll have my 3x5 file cards with me for ideas (I find them very useful), but I'm not going to focus on writing. I hope to return refreshed and reinvigorated. I'll publish the next post on Aug. 19th.
Hope you all are having success or fun or both.

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